Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Place Mats

A few months ago I saw these place mats at Target and I just loved the material. The problem was they didn't really seem like anything more than something pretty to look at. I didn't think they would hold up to food and washings, so I had to figure out how I could use them for something else.

My first project I just split the seam and stuffed them and sewed them back up.

Waa laa! New couch cushions!

Then I decided to do a makeover on Molly's rocking chair. It used to sit in her room and was a sage green color. She doesn't have space in her room for a chair so it has been in the living room in this house. I have wanted to paint it for a while so it would look better. So today during nap time I found some spray paint and started painting. Then I decided it would tie in better if I made a seat cushion using another place mat. So when Molly woke up we ran to Target grabbed another place mat and a piece of foam and came home and attached the seat.

I know the pictures are hard to see, but I love the way they turned out.

Friday, March 11, 2011


Molly just finished a fun little gymnastics class. She loved the class and would just smile the whole time. Something we have learned about Molly is that she does not like it when Nathan and I clap for her or cheer for her. When she started the class I had to leave and not be there or she wouldn't do anything. By the end she let me watch but not say anything. Yesterday was the last class and each child had to do a little routine for all of the parents and then we all clapped and they got a little medal. As soon as she saw the first kid go I could tell she was very nervous, but when her turn came, she did it and she even let me clap for her!

Hooray for Molly!

After class we get to go downstairs and play in the big gym.
Rope swing in to the foam pit

Her favorite thing is the trampoline. No big surprise there. This girl is always jumping!

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Pride, My Pride, My Beautiful Pride!

In the beginning of February I was getting the mail and I slipped on the ice and fell pretty hard. I laid on the ground for a while trying to assess my injuries feeling very concerned for my overly abused leg. I made it inside and made a doctors appointment for my leg to have all of the hardware in my leg checked out ( I have broken screws in my leg before!). The next morning I told Nathan that my leg actually felt okay and my wrist was bothering me more than anything. I still went to the doctors appointment and as anticipated, the leg was totally fine. Just a good scrape and bruise.

Sorry this is a long story, but you have to understand why my pride has been so damaged.

For the past 4 weeks Nathan has been telling me to go get my wrist checked out. He thought it was broken. I kept saying, "No, it's just a little sprain". Well, my "little sprain" has been getting, well, not any better, so I made an appointment to get it checked out.

The doctor took some x-rays and then showed me not one broken bone but two! I started laughing and he asked me why. I said, "I just lost a bet."

Turns out Nathan was right.
I have been laughing all day over the fact that I am more bothered that I was wrong than I am that I now have a cast on my arm.