Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Brithday Big Girl!

Molly turned four yesterday and I can not believe my baby is growing up! She is a great kid and we feel so lucky to have her. She loves animals and babies (she prays every night for a brother, a sister, a dog and a cat)! She loves gymnastics and does really well at it and she loves the colors pink and green. If she has a treat she almost always wants to save some of it for someone else and after a tantrum she always comes up to me later in the day and says she is sorry for doing whatever it was she was doing. She LOVES her cousins on both sides. I love seeing her interact with them. She is much more comfortable and bold around cousins than she is with her friends. I find it fascinating because she doesn't see her cousins very often.
We love this little girl. We really, really love her!

She chose Chicken Cordon Bleu and mashed potatoes for dinner.

We let Molly cut her own cake this year. Sarah grew up with the tradition that the birthday kid always gets to serve there own cake which meant a lot of awkwardly cut pieces of cake. In true Molly fashion she was very precise with her cuts. She wanted it done right.

She has been asking for this jewelry box for over a year now. She has played with it so much. I was worried she would get it and then never play with it, but so far she has played with it a lot. She had to put her jewelry in it right away.

Happy Birthday Mollykins!
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Birthday celebration in California

Molly got to have two celebrations this year because she and I went to California a few weeks ago and Molly really wanted to have a party with her cousins so, we did!

She and Ellie had a great time together.

Camy, Macy, Ellie and Molly at her party.

Presents and then it was time to go swimming!

Time for cake!

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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Friday, February 3, 2012

Art Area

Here is todays project. This is "Molly's Office" as she calls it. She has been busy cutting paper in to tiny little pieces, drawing and playing with beads. The red square on the wall is a little chalkboard sticker. The other side is an oil drip pan I bought at Walmart and put it up on the wall so Molly can hang her art work there and play with magnets. She loves magnets! The white shelves are full of paper, scissors, pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, glue, beads crayons, stickers and random stuff she can craft with.

So far it has been a big hit. She loves that it is her own little space and that she can play with it at any time. I love that it is organized and not on my kitchen table. Stay tuned for amazing works of art that will come from this little space. Who are we kidding...stay tuned for lots and lots of little pieces of cut up paper. Thats Molly's specialty!
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