Monday, April 27, 2009

St. Kitts

Nathan's parents took us on a trip to St. Kitts in the carribean. It was so much fun. we had a great time with them. Nathan and his dad did a lot of scuba diving in the mornings, Jana and Sarah spent time on the beach, in the pool or if Molly needed a nap, relaxing. In the afternoon we would all go do something together. We visited a fort and Romney manor, went to the beach and John and Jana treated us to a zip line tour through the forest while they took Molly. It was amazing. The last afternoon we went snorkeling and enjoyed the water.

We flew to San Francisco and met up with John and Jana to take a red-eye to miami. Molly fell asleep in the airport, but managed to stay awake through most of the flight to Miami.

once in St. Kitts we discovered a great hammock on the deck of the place we were staying.

Molly loved the hammock. As did we. It was so relaxing!

tibu is trying to convince Molly that the waves are okay. She loved the water, and loved the sand, but she did not love waves! She ended up falling asleep on Tibu's shoulder in the water. I guess that lack of sleep finally caught up with her!

the two whitest people in St. Kitts!

cuddling with her Grana.

(New addition: Here's a video of Molly playing on the beach)

Molly LOVED the beach. She would have stayed all day if we let her.

Playing in the sand. ( we had to build a little fort around her because she was afraid of the waves!)

this is black rock bay. It was gorgeous! you can really see how beautiful the colors in the water are.

Tibu and Molly on the beach.

Hanging out with Grana!

St. Kitts continued

This is a fort we went to. It was really cool and the view was spectacular!

Molly and Sarah at a bonfire on the beach.

Nathan and Molly hanging out with the monkeys!

Beach Baby!

we had such a great time. The water was amazing and it was so much fun to experience all of these new things.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter fun

Here's Molly with her newly discovered Easter basket.

This is what Molly did with her basket.

The Easter bunny got Molly's name embroidered on the polka-dot basket cover. We've been calling her "Molty" since we got it :-)

Happy Easter everyone!