Saturday, August 23, 2008

Six Months!

It's hard to believe that Molly is six months! How time flies!
So far she has only tollerated a few bites of food, but this day, she devoured the squash! Then she started spitting when she was done!

You can tell we are first time parents because we think the spitting is funny!

I was trying to get a picture of her new teeth, but she threw a fit. I had to laugh because the fit lasted maybe 15 seconds, but there were tears and all! Can anyone say...drama queen!

Okay now she is fine! I just love the tear mark on her cheek!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cousins and Seaside and Multnomah Falls!

Well Molly got to meet the last of her cousins. We were so excited to have Everitt, Belinda, Frances, Liam and Madeline come and visit us.

Madeline, Frances, Molly and Liam Posing for the camera!
Molly really liked Aunt Belinda. She figured out really quickly that Belinda was a sucker and would pick her up if she cried. Belinda even got up with Molly in the night before I was able to hear her. Thanks Aunt Belinda!

Molly experienced being tossed around by uncle Everitt! Woohoo!

We went down to seaside, Oregon and played on the beach and visited the aquarium. As we were walking, Madeline just sat down on the steps of the beach.
Looking at the octopus

Ev and Belinda

Molly and I playing with the starfish

Don't the kids look happy!

Ev and Belinda headed up to seattle and the rainforest and some other stops. On there drive back through they called us and we met them at TGIFridays for dinner!
We had a great time! Thanks for visiting.
For those of you wondering where the Multnomah Falls pictures are...have no fear, we did go to the falls and Nathan, Everitt, Belinda, Liam and Madeline hiked the falls while Frances, Molly and I went shopping and played in the river.
You didn't really think we would let someone come without going to the falls now did you!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hotel Mullen

So we have recently had a number of guests at our home. Muria and the kids have been staying with us for a little over four weeks and the night before she left, Deric (via telephone) told us that they had bought us a new 42" TV as a "thank you" gift. We were in shock. We don't expect our guests to buy us any gifts. This was totally unexpected. So now we get to the dilemna this has caused. Nathan thinks we should use the TV as a computer monitor and Sarah thinks we should use it as a TV...what a hard life we live...all these decisions!

It has been fun getting to know our nieces and nephew better!
Thanks again for the gift. It wasn't needed but it is already being enjoyed!