Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Molly Standing

Molly has recently started figuring out how to stand. We caught it on video and decided to post it. You might have to be a grandparent to get through the whole thing...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things...

Molly has a few new hobbies that occupy her time.
She loves Nathan's rubiks cube.
She has developed an obsession with dogs lately. When she sees a dog she starts going crazy and wants to pet them. It is strange only because we are not big dog people. She truly LOVES them. She has now started acting like a dog. Everything gets carried around in her mouth!

She loves being outside. Amazingly we have had some nice weather so we took her to the park.

And she loves to be a little ham for the camera!
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Friday, January 16, 2009

Molly and diapers

Molly likes to remove the diapers from the diaper basket. I think that the way that she throws them around is funny--but Sarah isn't as amused by it :-)

Monday, January 5, 2009


We went down to Sarah's family's house and spent "thanksmas" there. (we used to only call it thanksmas when we celebrated Christmas on thanksgiving, but the grandkids decided they wanted it to be called thanksmas on new years too.)

I used to hold this little girl and give her a bottle. Now she is holding my baby. Time flies!

hanging out with uncle Ben, Grant, Noah and Nelson.

Here is the whole crew. The family is growing REALLY fast!

Sarah's Mom makes stockings for every person in the family. It was fun to see them all filled and hung up together!
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Christmas started with Nathan's side of the family. We had such a good time. Everyone was able to be there. Most of the pictures were taken by Charlie and Amparo, so unfortunately we dont have any pictures with them. It is unfortunate because Molly spent a lot of time with them and our last morning she crawled over us to get to them. She was very dissapointed to have to leave with us instead of them!

Molly dancing with Aunt Lauren

Playing with Tibu

we met our new nieces. They are such sweet little girls.Camy is on the left and Macy on the right!

Aunt Kate and Molly both received gumball machines from Grana and Tibu.
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Playing with uncle Johnny in the "cage"

Ellie-Jane and Molly were so funny together. The moment they saw each other they started crawling after one another. It was so cute. In this picture you can see Ellie plotting her favorite thing to do to Molly. She would crawl after her and pull down her pants. It was very entertaining!
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