Sunday, January 10, 2010

Throwing Rocks with the Cousins

When Molly went to Tibu and Grana's (Nathan's parent) house this last September, she and Tibu threw a lot of rocks in the pool. After all the rocks were thrown in the pool, Tibu would get in the water and fetch all of the rocks. They did this on several instances. We don't know what Molly found so intriguing about throwing rocks, but she loved it. It was a big hit.

When we went to her grandparent's home in December for Christmas, the pool water was too cold to get in and retrieve rocks. So Grana had the idea of filling a large bucket with water and placing it below a ledge by the pool. This allowed the grandkids to throw rocks into the water and make splashes, and since the bucket is shallow the rock-retrieval process was much easier.

Molly LOVED throwing rocks into this goofy bucket. She often asked several times a day to be taken outside to throw rocks. In fact, shortly after opening Christmas presents she wanted to go outside and throw rocks. I guess we know what to get her next year...

We caught some of this on video. The video is a little long, but you can see pretty quickly how much Molly loved tossing the rocks in the bucket. Molly is the hyper-active one on the right in jeans and an orange top. Ellie-Jane (one of Molly's cousins) is on the left. Camy and Macy (twin cousins) make an appearance as well with their parents. As you can likely guess, Tibu's in the red shirt on the right supplying them with rocks and egging them on :-)

Snow in Indiana

We recently had a winter storm here in Indiana and took advantage of the opportunity to go stomp in fresh snow. When we lived in Washington Sarah had found a deal on a snow suit and boots at a garage sale, and Molly was happy to try them out. She loved playing in the snow :-)

Molly's Chipped Tooth

Molly somehow managed to chip one of her teeth while we were in southern California. We aren't quite sure how she did it. She seems to be fine--just missing a chunk of her tooth. Here's a close-up: