Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Crazy Curls!

Molly's hair is starting to get out of control. I love her curls, but they tend to get very frizzy. I e-mailed my friend Sara and asked her what she does with her daughter Makenna who has curls a lot like Molly's. She told me she used spray gel. So we tried it out!

Crazy little curls that match her personality perfectly! Thanks Sara!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Molly's Room

About a month ago I woke up to a big thud followed by screaming. Molly had climbed out of her crib. She was a little less graceful then she had hoped but, she was successful in getting us to take the bar off her bed. I decided to re-arrange her whole room and finally finish the "M-O-L-L-Y" letters for her wall. ( I bought them last February) So here she is in her room

Now we don't get woken up by a thud and screaming, but we do get woken up by little pitter patter coming towards our room...VERY early in the morning. She is loving her new freedom. I am missing her crib!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

My Tomorrow

This is where I was 6 years ago on halloween. When I look at this picture, I can remember so clearly how I felt. I remember feeling so happy that Samantha was holding my hand. She did not hand out affection easily. That was the day I had finally entered the inner circle in her life. I had worked so hard to win that little girl over. I remember walking down that road by Deric and Muria's house and loving all the colors from the autumn leaves. I remember how good the cold air felt. Photos are such a great way of remembering events in our lives. They have a way of taking us back to that very moment when they were taken. I dont remember once feeling that I should appreciate how great it was to walk without pain or how lucky I was to have a healthy body. If I felt anything about my body on that day I am sure it was something negative.

This is where I was 6 years ago today. While I am sure most of you are sick and tired of hearing about the accident, I will never stop talking about it. It was the day my whole life turned around. Physically for the worse and emotionally and spiritually for the better. While looking at this picture brings back feelings I dont like to feel, I would not change what happened. I have gained so much more than I have lost.

I still have daily reminders of that Novemeber 1st six years ago. I feel a little twinge inside me when I see that first picture because I didnt know what was about to happen. That was the day I learned that you never know what tomorrow will bring. One of my tomorrows brought a terrible car accident but another one brought me an amazing husband, a great little girl, new friends, opportunities, and so much more.