Sunday, October 5, 2014


May was a big month for us. Nathan's parents were called to serve in the Riverside California mission  as mission President. We are so happy for them and their choice to serve. Both Nathan and I served missions and feel so grateful for the experiences that we had. They will do so well. We flew out to hear them speak and decided to bless the baby while we were there.

My friend Kathy came over and took pictures of Clayton.

We caught Clayton smiling on the plane. So cute!

Cousin Macy holding Clayton

Clayty and Camy

We got to meet Camy and Macy's chickens!

Clayton and Tibu

Molly and Clayton after his blessing

Father and son. I am so grateful for Nathan. He gave Clayton a beautiful blessing. He is a great father and a great man. I feel so blessed to be married to him.

The next day Grana and Tibu flew us down to southern California and we headed to Disneyland and California Adventure. Molly had plans to meet the princesses and go on some crazy rides. She met Snow White, but after she went on one roller coaster she lost her desire to meet the princesses. She did not want to waste her time on anything but roller coasters. She went on everything she was allowed to including tower of terror. I was shocked. I knew she was a bit of an adrenaline junky, but I thought she would at least hesitate. I was very wrong!

Uncle Charlie snuggling Clayton

Tibu, Molly and and Clayton on Little Mermaid 

How cute are Molly and Ellie-Jane?

It was a great, exhausting few days.

Christie came and picked us up from Disneyland and we went back to their house to spend some time with them.

Grace was so good with the baby

Clayton just kind of melts in his Daddy's arms. It's so sweet.

Uncle Everitt had the magic touch

Molly loves my brothers. It makes me so happy because I love my brothers too. They are so good with her. They also love to get revenge on me for spoiling their kids by giving Molly anything she wants.

Frances is such an amazing young woman. I feel like just yesterday I was holding her.

One of my favorite things in the whole world is being an Aunt. I love these kids so  much!

Frances and Hannah accidentally were match-y match-y.

Nathan left first and we followed a few days later. It was such a great trip!


I don't think I remember much of April. I was pretty tired. My Mom and Nathan's Mom both cam and helped us. We were so grateful they did. Clayton did not sleep well and he would wake up, take an hour to eat, we would spend a long time trying to burp him and get him back to sleep only to be woken up within an hour to start all over again. He was spitting up a lot, and I finally asked the doctor if we could try the reflux medicine. She said some babies it worked miracles for and some it had no effect on. I hoped it would work for him.

I love the way she looks at him

Molly went to her friend Sadie's birthday party and they did awesome science experiments. She came home and wanted to show Nathan what she had done.

Molly was never far from him when she was home. They both fell asleep and it was 6:30 at night. It was too cute to care that it was going to mess up her schedule.

This was an hour after we gave him the reflux medicine, it was the first time he took a good long nap.


March was pretty magical in our house. Bringing Clayton home was such a blessing.  We have all spent a lot of time cuddling and enjoying him. He is a pretty mellow baby. He had a little trouble eating in the beginning but after buying every kind of nipple for the bottle, we found one he liked. 

The first thing she wants in the morning is the baby.

I am in heaven. I love this boy and I am so glad he is finally here. I am also glad that pregnancy is over. 

He loves his thumb.