Sunday, October 5, 2014


I don't think I remember much of April. I was pretty tired. My Mom and Nathan's Mom both cam and helped us. We were so grateful they did. Clayton did not sleep well and he would wake up, take an hour to eat, we would spend a long time trying to burp him and get him back to sleep only to be woken up within an hour to start all over again. He was spitting up a lot, and I finally asked the doctor if we could try the reflux medicine. She said some babies it worked miracles for and some it had no effect on. I hoped it would work for him.

I love the way she looks at him

Molly went to her friend Sadie's birthday party and they did awesome science experiments. She came home and wanted to show Nathan what she had done.

Molly was never far from him when she was home. They both fell asleep and it was 6:30 at night. It was too cute to care that it was going to mess up her schedule.

This was an hour after we gave him the reflux medicine, it was the first time he took a good long nap.

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jww said...

I'm glad there's another post because I forgot to comment in the last one that Clayton is just such a beautiful baby!! I love how sweet Molly is with him. So sorry about the reflux... UG!