Sunday, February 27, 2011

Birthday party part 2

Here are a few more pictures from her party.

Here is the food table. I love how the sandwiches turned out, but my favorite was the cheese plate.
Gotta love cookie cutters!

Johnny modeling his tool belt and shovel.

I love this picture because it is really captures Molly to me. She does not like to be the center of attention at all. When she gets nervous she pulls on her lip like this. I love that Amy captured that in this photo.

Who needs games when you have a good rug to play under.

Molly with her flower shaped "Peanut butter bread" (She doesn't like jelly so that is what she calls it.).
Working hard on the garden.

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Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Birthday Party

In December I asked Molly if she wanted to have a birthday party and she surprised me with, "I want a flower party". So we have been planning this flower party and after a lot of sewing and paper cutting, the party was pulled off!
Delivering invitations.
We played a game where each child had 10 flowers that they needed to find around the house. They all had there own color and when they brought them back we made a garden on the wall. This is before the game.
I made chocolate flowers for the cupcakes, but I was afraid the boys wouldn't like pink cupcakes (I have a nephew who would not touch a pink cupcake if you paid him too!) so I made dirt cupcakes to make a full garden.
Now this, this is my favorite part. I spent a LOT of time sewing this little number but as soon as she put it on, it felt so worth every second. 90 Yards of ruffled nylon chiffon later I had a skirt.
Yeah, this skirt gets a few extra pictures!

Here are all of the guests at the end of the party. You can see the finished garden behind them.I made a Tutu for each girl and a tool belt for the boys.
As everyone was leaving, Molly kept tackling her friend Johnny.
After several attempts to get her off of him, Nathan finally took care of things!

We all had a great time. There will be more pictures soon. My sweet friend Amy took lots of good pictures for me so I could cook and keep the party going.

Stay tuned...or tune out if you are getting bored, but I haven't even showed you the food. Flower shaped PB&J's for the kids and sliders for the adults with flower shaped cheese. Ridiculous, I know!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Having fun!

For Valentines day we had a play group and then a party. We were going to decorate cookies that day, but Mommy had enough so we decided to do it the next day. Grana sent some candy to decorate with and we discovered Molly really likes red hots.

Today we received a package in the mail for Molly's upcoming birthday. While she was sleeping I played with her new toy, and then hid it before she woke up but the box was still there. She has been playing non-stop with this box and packing peanuts.

She likes to close the box on herself. I loved boxes as a kid. I think all kids love boxes.
Fun, fun , fun!
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How do I get so behind?

I get so behind on blogging and then I have even less of a desire to blog, so I decided to just put the pictures on and go from there!

OUr "BIG, HUGE, DEATHLY SNOWSTORM" was really not that big of a deal We did get some good snow and ice, but we were prepared to be stuck in the house for a long time. Tunrs out it was more of a nuisance than fun. (We like storms at our house!)

Molly was excited to go out and play though!

With all of the cold weather, the trampoline has been getting a lot of use!

Oue friend Margaret came to visit us and we had such a great time with her. Molly LOVES her and was so sad when she left. I love her too, so I was so glad she was able to come for a visit. Hurry back Margaret!
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