Saturday, April 3, 2010

Nutrition Facts!

We went out for ice cream tonight and had a laugh when we read the nutrition facts.

It was really good!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Capes and Tu Tu's

I have a friend whose kids LOVE costumes and they are often dressed up as a dog, or in a swimsuit or whatever they feel like. My nephew dressed as a fireman every day for years. He even set out his boots with his pants pooled around the bottom so if there was an "emergency" in the middle of the night he could be ready to jump in his boots and pull up his pants and go.
Molly is not like my nephew or my friends kids. She is very resistant to trying things on. (remember the skirt I made her? It took her 2 weeks to agree to try it on!)
sure you have seen her in her halloween costumes, but that is usually the exception.
I showed you all a Tu Tu I had made last fall and I was so excited because Molly put it on and ran around the house. Well, that was the last time she ever tried it on until today.

She asked to put her Tu Tu on and her cape today. We spent most of the morning dressed like this. I was so excited!
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