Monday, December 13, 2010

A few fun quotes!

Molly loves to sing...a lot. She sings all day long.

She loves to sing, "I am a child of God" but instead of singing "has given me an earthly home" she sings, "has given me a dirty home"

Now today she started singing, 'Follow the Prophet, follow the prophet, follow the prophet, don't say a word."

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Tree

While we were in Northern California we got to go help pick out a tree and decorate it.
Ellie and Molly ready to go!

We let the girls decorate the tree and Ellie was so good about hanging ornaments in lots of different places.

Molly on the other hand put all of the ornaments on the same branch.
She was so proud of herself!
Nathan is hanging this cluster of tiny apples that his mom keeps to remind her of the time...
...he put all of the apples on the same branch!

I guess the apple really doesn't fall far from the tree!
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Saturday, December 4, 2010


For Thanksgiving day we were in Northern California with Nathan's parents and sister and brother in law. We actually went out to a restaurant and then back home for pie and cake. It was a really relaxing day and we had a great time.

Molly got in lots of Tibu time including dancing to Christmas music.
Can you tell by her face how much she loves him? I mean she really, really loves him!
Molly and Ellie-Jane playing in the boxes
Tibu recently went on a scuba diving trip and decided to get the girls a coral reef toy.
It's an adorable toy with six stuffed sea creatures to swim through the reef.
As always she was read to a lot by Tibu and Grana. She's a lucky little girl.
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Friday, December 3, 2010


The local radio station was offering tickets to Legoland in exchange for toys, so we took advantage of their offer. Everitt, Belinda, Frances and Madeline all came down to go with us.

It was pouring rain the day we decided to go, but we went anyway.
We were not sure of the height requirement on this ride so Nathan stood in line in case a kid needed him to go on with them. Madeline went with Everitt and Frances and Liam were allowed to go together so Nathan went by himself. He really made the best of this ride meant for little kids!

At one point is was raining so hard we all sought cover, but not Madeline. She was out there playing in the water. She was soaked, but it was very entertaining watching her.

Molly really wanted to go on this ride which was not very scary at all. She had already been on a roller coaster.
Now before you start feeling bad for her because her parents made her go on a scary ride she didn't want to go on, you must know that these crocodile tears were because she didn't want to put on the seat belt.
She zonked out.

It was a lot of fun even with all of the rain. We had a great time spending the day with Everitt and Belinda and their kids. It happened to be Everitt's birthday that same day. I couldn't be happier to have a brother like Everitt. He is an amazing man and I am lucky to have him in my life!
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