Saturday, March 22, 2008

Updates and Outtakes

Hello everyone! It's hard to believe, but Molly is now over 3 weeks old! We've taken a bunch of pictures in the last few weeks, and we thought that we'd share some more of them.
Before you begin, we'd just like to warn you that there are a lot of pictures on this posting. If you get bored of the plethora of pictures, click the little red "X" in the top-right-hand corner of your screen at any time.
While we think that Molly is always cute, we realize that sometimes love is blind. Along with the pictures that we think are cute, we've also posted a few "outtake" pictures to show Molly's non-photogenic side :-)

Molly has a blocked tear duct in her left eye. While this isn't a big deal, it got infected enough to seal her eye shut once the eye "gunk" dried. We affectionately call this one "Quasimodo."

Quasimodo after some assistance in opening her eye.

Grandpa John (a.k.a. "Tibu") holding Molly for the first time.

Thank you Aunt Lauren for the New Zealand onesie!

"Please don't go home Tibu and Gram!"

Tibu, Molly and Nathan

Outtake or decide (she used to do this a lot, but in the recent week she's gotten a lot better at not doing so).

Our little girl looking like a girl.

Aunt Rachel and Aunt Christie combined their names and decided that Molly should be named "Ristel." They made her this onesie before she was born.

We think that Molly kinda looks like a Saint Bernard puppy in this picture.

Superbaby! (well, sorta...she did hold this position on her own for a second or two)

Molly and Mommy

Here we are as a family

Tax deduction? Yes. But we're finding that she'll definitely cost us more than what we'll save.

Molly has a neat trick that she likes to do sometimes. While she sleeps, she somehow removes her legs from the PJ leggings and puts her feet together at the crotch of her PJs--leaving her leggings completely empty. We try to persuade her use the PJ leggings, but she doesn't agree that it's a good idea.

Molly's first time in a dress.

Well, we're impressed if you made it this far.

We hope you're all doing well.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

More pictures of Molly! (can you tell we're first-time parents?)

As first-time parents often do, we've taken lots of pictures. Here are some of them...

Here's Molly lying on the "blanket of death" (it's made of a very slippery material).

Here's Nathan holding Molly.

Here's Molly in her new car seat. This was our second attempt--we bought one and took it back (because both Molly and her mom hated it). We like this one much better.

Here's Molly scrunched into a little ball. Sarah loves it when Molly does this.

Here's Molly with her two Grandmas.

Here's Grammie Pammie holding Molly.

Here's Gram reading Molly her very first story.

While not the highest quality picture, we thought that this one was cute. Molly has dimples!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Strike a pose! More pictures of Molly...

We tried to take a few pictures with Nathan holding Molly. She cooperated for a little while....

We love her a lot :-)

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Molly Rebecca has arrived!

Sarah gave birth to Molly Rebecca on February 28th 2008 at 12:40PM. She was 4 days overdue, and the baby was delivered by C-section. Molly weighed in at 9 pounds 8 ounces, and is 20.5 inches tall.

Here's are some picutres of the events leading up to Molly's birth:

Here's us right before Sarah went in to the Operating Room to have the C-section done. For whatever reason, they decided to not to use an IV Bag holder to get Sarah from our hospital room to the OR, so they utilized Nathan as a walking holder.

Nathan had to wait outside the OR while the doctors prepared Sarah for surgery. He was waiting there for probably 15 minutes.

About 40 minutes after Sarah entered the OR, we had a baby. Here she is!

Here's Molly on the warming pad in our Hospital room.

Here's Molly laying on mom. It's one of Molly's favorite positions.

And here's Sarah, Nathan, and Molly all together. We love Molly a lot!