Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Doctors Visit..................$25


Emergency Room Visit.........................$100


Making Molly feel better.......................................Priceless!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Laundry day

Today is laundry day...it's been a long time coming. Molly loves helping with the laundry, but today I heard her struggling so I went to go see what she was doing and this is what I found. She had pushed the laundry basket out of our room and down the hall. She was SO proud of herself and so frustrated because it was really hard to move. I just had to laugh. She is a very determined little girl and really wanted to get that basket to the washer!
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Friday, June 19, 2009

It's Raining, It's Pouring!

...and Molly loved every second of it, until I made her go inside!
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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Molly and the computer

Molly loves using the computer mouse and the keyboard. She'll often come over while we're on the computer wanting to pound on the keyboard or wiggle the mouse. And when we're not around, she'll stand on her tippy-toes to get to the keyboard and mouse on her own.

She has changed our computer settings more than once :-)

On the swings



Molly likes going on the swing :-)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The bully

I would like to think that I am a pretty laid back mom. I try not to run to Molly when she falls, I let other kids rough house with her and I try and remember that kids will be kids. Today however, I met the little girl that could push even me over the edge. We have a branch of the library that is located in the mall. On wednesday mornings they have the cutest story time for kids 12-18 months old. Molly loves it, I love it and it gives us something to do that doesn't cost a thing. After story time we go downstairs and play on the giant foam play yard. You know, the play place they have in every mall. She loves it and it gives her time to play with other kids. She LOVES other kids. Even if they hurt her or push her or pinch her. She loves them. I don't think she realizes that when a kid is hurting you, they don't want to play with you. She just gets back up and tries again. A few times after multiple beatings she has given up and comes to me crying. Not because they are hurting her, but because they won't play with her. Today there was a little girl that we will call Allison (that actually is her name. I felt no need to giver her anonimity!) This little girl got on top of one of the play structures that Molly was on and picked her up and threw her off. I am guessing she is about 5 years old, but looks, well, a lot older and bigger than a normal 5 year old. Molly was not phased by this, so I didn't react. She wasn't even phased when the "little" girl started pinching and hitting her. What finally phased her was when the girl used both legs to catapult her off. This all happened in a very short amount of time. One of the other mother's was getting really angry, because this girl did not stop, even when I was trying to move Molly. I asked her very softly to not kick her, but she replied, "I dont want her on here. I want to play by myself." During this time I was starting to wonder why her mother had not stepped in. She then tried to kick Molly again and finally her mother came over. "Allison, are you being mean or nice?" Allison's reply: " Mean!" She then went off to terrorize every other kid there. She could not walk by without reaching out and hitting someone. Including adults. The sad part was, the mother looked on smiling like it was all okay. I don't know this kids history or her family's so I am not going to judge, but I was so frustrated. I never lost my cool, because I had a feeling that girl had seen a lot of people lose their cool with her, but I was very frustrated that she just went around terrorizing everything while her mom sat and smiled happily. Maybe the mother was beyond knowing what to do, or maybe there is another reason for her lack of stepping in, but it made me realize, that I am not nearly as laid back as I thought I was! What do you do in a situation like that? How do you simmer a situation like that without escalating it even more?

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday Afternoon

We haven't been blogging a lot lately, mostly because we haven't taken a lot of pictures. After church we took Molly out to take some pictures. She had no interest in staying still so we had to catch her on the run.

She was not very happy that we would not let her play in the mud and puddles.

In true Molly fashion she pulled a little pose out for us.

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