Monday, October 14, 2013

What We Have Been Up To

I have not been the best at blogging, but here is a taste of what we have been up to lately!

I learned to fishtail braid. I know, exciting right?!?

Every April and October when Nathan goes off to the Priesthood session, Molly and I head off for a Mommy/daughter date. We both look forward to this night. I ask her a ton of questions about what she likes, what she has been doing, her goals, and anything else she wants to talk about. I have a journal that I record only these bi-annual interviews in. Although we spend a lot of time together on a regular basis, it always fascinates me to see how important this night is for her. She knows that night is all about her.

Molly lost her first tooth!

She participated in a handstand record for national gymnastics day.

We found out we are having a BOY!!!! We told her by writing it down on a paper and putting it inside a few envelopes. She was ecstatic and so are we!

Nathan had a birthday. He just gets better with age and we sure do love him!

And that's what we have been up to this past 2 months!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Feeding ducks

(it's hard to see, but despite Molly's efforts the duck closest to her was getting all of the bread.  She finally delivers to the other duck at the end...)